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Impact of 'Make in India' on Denim Manufacturing

Waste Management.
Water Stewardship.
Climate Responsibility.

Our responsible manufacturing process leverages sustainable practices to redefine how denim is made. Our focus areas include waste reduction across the denim manufacturing process and more efficient use of natural resources in today’s resource-constrained world. We aim to recycle all possible resources like water, chemicals, etc.

By practicing the 3 R Concept of Reduce, Replace and Recycle, we:

  • Reduce the use of water and minimize chemical wastage
  • Replace hazardous materials with eco-friendly alternatives
  • Recycle all possible resources like water and chemicals.


We work to reduce waste across the denim value chain. With efficient effluent management systems, ensuring zero discharge, we are committed to eliminating hazardous substances from discharging into the environment. Eventually, our long-term vision is to create denim fabric and products with zero waste.


Water stewardship is an essential part of our responsible manufacturing strategy. We are working to design denim manufacturing and post-manufacturing value added processes that require less water to reduce our water-related impact.


Climate change poses a key challenge to our business, industry and planet today. We are working to reduce our carbon footprint by minimizing greenhouse gas emissions across our denim operations.

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